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66th Independence Day: ‘This is time for sober reflection, not celebration’ –Agalga

The Member of Parliament for the Builsa North Constituency in the Upper East Region, James Agalga has stated that Ghanaians should boycott the needless Independence Day celebration.

Mr. Agalga stated that when, at 66 years of age, Ghana as a nation cannot purchase vaccines for children and we are seeking a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there is no need to waste scarce resources on unproductive and unnecessary celebrations.

In an exclusive interview with Atinka News’ Upper East Regional Correspondent, Kwaching Agwaazeh, Mr. Agalga emphasized, “Today should be a day of sober reflection, not a carnival. Why are you spending the meager funds we have on security personnel and guests for the Fourth of July celebration?” he questioned.

He emphasized that the current social and economic conditions of Ghana, which are likely to affect the salaries of government employees soon, make this an unfavorable year for celebration.

Mr. Agalga stated today that the NPP Government of Ghana has no plan in place to develop the country; instead, they have placed the country on “Auto Pilot” and only employ ad hoc measures as they see fit.

He noted that Ghana has turned to the IMF for an economic bailout, that there is an IMF supervisor at the Bank of Ghana giving us fiscal instructions, that we are being asked by the IMF to reduce our debt, and that unfortunately, Ghanaians are bearing the brunt of this exercise under a strange and alien scheme known as the Domestic Debt Exchange Program (DDEP)





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