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Africa Institute cut ties with National Cathedral architect, David Adjaye

The Africa Institute has reportedly cut ties with the architect of the National Cathedral of Ghana, Sir David Adjaye, following accusations of sexual assault and harassment against him.

According to, the President of The Africa Institute, Hoor Al Qasimi, in a statement shared with Dezeen; a London-based magazine, terminated the institute’s engagements with David Adjaye due to concerns regarding the sexual assault and harassment allegations.

Al Qasimi stated that the separation from the architect would not affect the institute’s ongoing research and educational endeavours at its current facilities.

The report indicated that the institute had enlisted Sir Adjaye to design a massive monolithic campus in downtown Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The facility is expected to be made up of an Africa Hall and consists of five high-rise blocks constructed from red-hued concrete, spanning an area of 31,882 square meters.


Sir David Adjaye, architect of the National Cathedral of Ghana project was accused of sexual impropriety by three Black women he previously worked with.

Whiles Adjaye admitted to having previously been in relationships with the accusers he told journalists that they were all on a consensual basis.

The Financial Times magazine’s Investigations wing published the story on July 4 in a long-form piece titled: “Sir David Adjaye: the celebrated architect accused of sexual misconduct.”

The story essentially centred on the three women narrating the allegations during their time with Adjaye citing instances of sexual assault to harassment.

A lawyer for Adjaye said that the three women each had “their own grievances” against Adjaye, the report added.

In response to questions about allegations made by the three women, Adjaye said: “I absolutely reject any claims of sexual misconduct, abuse or criminal wrongdoing. These allegations are untrue, distressing for me and my family and run counter to everything I stand for.”

He added: “I am ashamed to say that I entered into relationships which though entirely consensual, blurred the boundaries between my professional and personal lives. I am deeply sorry. To restore trust and accountability, I will be immediately seeking professional help in order to learn from these mistakes to ensure that they never happen again.”

Following the publication Sir Adjaye has stepped down from his role as a design advocate for the mayor of London and his role as a trustee of London’s Serpentine Galleries. Also, the New York Times reports that he will not be involved in the UK Holocaust Memorial project until the raised concerns are addressed.

His design has been excluded from the new Studio Museum in Harlem and his association with the project terminated.

Also, the architect’s involvement in the construction of a building for Oregon’s Multnomah County Library has been cancelled after he dissociated himself from the African Futures Institute.





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