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Akufo-Addo must resign over failed galamsey fight – 2020 independent presidential candidate

An Independent Presidential Candidate in the 2020 general polls, Mr. Kofi Koranteng has called for the resignation of President Akufo-Addo over his failure to halt illegal mining activities in Ghana.

Mr. Koranteng believes the ruling government’s monumental failure in honoring its promise of baring galamsey activities which have caused massive destruction to the country’s environment renders the President unfit to lead the country.

Speaking to OTEC News Kwame Agyenim Boateng in an exclusive interview on Monday, November 21, 2022, Mr. Koranteng bemoaned how Ghana has lost thousands of forest cover and river bodies to galamsey activities.

He called on the country to roll out pragmatic measures to help curb the menace of illegal mining activities without any delay.

“Government needs to create enabling environment for youth in the country and those who are in illegal mining to get the skills necessary to compete in the 21st-century economy”.

“Doing so will engage the youth who are engrossed in illegal mining activities in other profitable ventures that will help divert their attention from destroying the environment with unapproved mining activities”

He however pledged to reverse the ongoing menace of galamsey activities if he gets the nod as the next president of Ghana.

Outlining his plan as a free runner in the 2024 presidential elections, Mr. Koranteng said he has comprehensive initiatives to eliminate government waste, corruption, and graft.

“An independent Mining Board with oversight by the Ministry of Justice with full subpoena powers and the ability to halt operations, lock up, seize mines, equipment and assets of those that are not in compliance will be set up.”

“In conjunction with our focus on bringing modern technologies, research, and development centers to our nation, there will be a focus on 21st Century mining techniques. This will be in conjunction with Ghanaian universities and the skills of innovators of our diaspora abroad with land, water, and air remediation processes”.

“It will offer training for skilled trade careers to those who currently or would otherwise end up in the illegal mining trade.

Large illegal mining by licensed companies whether foreign or domestic will be met with the full force of the law including mine closures, asset confiscation, jail time, and restitution fines for assessed damages by the companies and their principals”.

“All licensed mining companies will be recertificated for compliance with the strict new oversight boards. All mining equipment must be registered by the oversight board. Installation of GPS and remote technology will be paid for by the mining companies and monitored by regulatory boards with real-time technological movement controls”.

He added that Galamsey and illegal mining is a destructive scourge to our water, land, air, and health; it requires an all-fronts solution for its proper regulations.

Mr Koranteng emphasized the need for Licensed mining companies to commit to an approved plan of land and water reclamation that includes an escrow deposit to fund the financial obligations of the reclamation plan.

He however bemoaned the situations where only pawns are arrested at galamsey sites While their main sponsors are left to go scot free.

“The solution is not about arresting low-level illegal miners for show and graft money, it requires integrated programs from a government intent on investing in the human capital of our citizens.

Mr Kofi Koranteng among other things said he will see to it that those who are currently supported by illegal mining will be offered retraining and educational opportunities for a new Ghanaian economy.





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