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Amidu drops key detail on COP Mensah: He has four months to exit police service

Martin Amidu has disclosed a previously unknown fact about the employment status of Commissioner of Police (COP) Mensah, who is accused of plotting the removal of Inspector-General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare, through political lobbying.

Amidu, in a statement on the leaked tape saga said the contents were much ado about nothing, just the usual scheming within the Ghana Police Service for top positions.

Whiles vouching for the authenticity of the tape, he cautioned opposition parties especially the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to see it for the diversionary tactic that it was for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) going into the 2024 polls.

“What was heard on the leaked tape answers to the usual scheming within the Ghana Police Service,” Amidu wrote.

Of the employment status of COP Mensah, Amidu said: “The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mensah with four months terminal leave to be discharged from the Ghana Police Service, whom we hear on the leaked tape, and the other senior officers on video or other platforms scheming against the IGP are only vocalizing a tradition that undermines colleagues in an attempt to be preferred for higher appointment.”

A terminal leave is the final leave granted to a member of the armed forces just before discharge, equal to the total unused leave accumulated during active service.

He added that he knew the other politician who has recorded the police officers implicated in the plot stating that he had a previous lawyer – client relationship with the NPP guru.

“One of the interlocutors was my client in 1980 to 1982 when I practiced law in the Northern Region whose voice I cannot miss when I hear it.

“I have been to his Accra office on the Castle road and know that while speaking to him his mobile phone is always on and he continues receiving phone calls which interrupt whatever serious discussion one is having with him,” he stated.





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