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‘Church does not hang in the sky’ – Mahama calls on clergy to speak on economic issues

Former president John Dramani Mahama has called on the Christian community to act as an inclusive part of the country and address issues regarding the economy when the need arises.

According to him, the church does not operate in a vacuum.

He made the comment when he spoke at the induction ceremony of the new General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church.

“The church does not exist only to pray for leaders. It exists also to provide suggestions and guidance to leaders. Because after all, the church does not hang in the sky. The church exists in society and whatever happens in society affects the church,” Mahama was quoted by

He went on further to state: “Today, with the economic crisis that we are in, it affects our congregation all across the country. And so, it’s necessary for the church to continue speaking out anytime it thinks that things are not going on properly.”

The ex-president also condemned the attitude of picking and choosing among some Christian leaders in the sense that they only comment on issues concerning different political parties when the situation favours them.

“I expect that this should be done no matter which government is in office. There are many times when men of God and moral society who should speak up become quiet when one government is in and they become very loud when another government is in,” he stressed.

Reverend Stephen Wengam, is the newly inducted General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church Ghana.

John Mahama urged him to serve diligently whiles congratulating him on the new role.





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