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Cletus Avoka to exit parliament after 24 years

Cletus Avoka has announced he will not be contesting the Zebila seat in 2024 after serving for 24 years.

According to him, his decision to bow out is to give the younger ones in his constituency the opportunity to serve.

In an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb‘s Nimatu Yakubu Atouyese, he said;

“I have contested all the 8 elections in this Parliament and by the end of 2024, I would have done 24 years in parliament and I think some young men and women have become of age in the constituency. I have grown enough in the constituency and I am confident that if I step down and a younger fellow takes over, the fellow will be guided and the fellow will do well.”

Avoka added that despite the fact that he will still be strong and mentally alert, he posited that the time had come for someone else to wear his shoes. He noted that he was ready to share his experience and guidance to his successor.

The pariamentarian further stated that there have been mixed reactions following his plans to exit parliament adding that many were of the view he should stay as an MP while others also believe it’s a step in the right direction.

“Others believe I have paid my dues to the constituency so it is time to step aside when I am very strong. While others believe I should stay because of my experience to parliament. My constituents are happy stepping down in a high image even though some of them are not happy.”

Cletus Avoka is one of the longest-serving members of parliament.

He served in the first parliament from 1993 to 2005 where he lost his seat to the late John Ndebugri at the time the constituency was known as Bawku West constituency.

In 2009, he re-entered as the second MP for the Zebilla constituency.

Cletus Avoka was also the MP for Garu Tempane from 2000 to 2004.

In the year 2000, he won the general elections as a member of parliament for the Garu-Tempane constituency of the Upper East Region of Ghana.

He won as an independent candidate in that election for the Upper East Region.
His first ministerial position was as Minister for Lands and Forestry in the government of Jerry Rawlings and as Minister for the Interior.

In 2024, he would have served 24 years in parliament.





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