Friday, September 29, 2023
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DDEP: Let’s rather chase those who have spent money recklessly- NDC Communicator

Nana Adubea Korangteng Awo Kekeli, a National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communicator and aspiring candidate for Ablekuma West, says the government should rather pursue those who have spent money recklessly to make up for the money lost by the country.

She opined that the monies some government officials or public servants have spent, per the Auditor General’s report, are even more than what Ghana is asking from the IMF, therefore the need to recoup the money right here in the country.

Former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo joined fellow pensioners in a picket at the Ministry of Finance on Friday, February 10, 2023, to protest inclusion in the domestic debt exchange program.

The pensioners have been asking the government to totally exempt them from the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme.

Since Monday, the retirees have been picketing at the ministry to make their demands known to the government.

According to them, they will not stop until they hear something positive from the government.

On the fifth day, Sophia Akuffo was seen sitting at the ministry with a placard with the inscription, “We use our bond yields to pay our rents, medical bills, electricity bills, and water bills.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the media, Sophia Akuffo said she was ready to drag the government to court if that is what it wants, stating clearly that she can do it alone even if nobody wants to go with her.

Speaking on Atinka TV‘s morning show, Ghana Nie with Ama Gyenfa Ofosu Darkwa, Awo Kekeli expressed worry over the inclusion of the pensioner bondholders in the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme.

“When you look at the money we are going for at the IMF and the money people have stolen and spent, it is more than the money we are looking for at the IMF, so why can’t we look for the money and collect it?” “If we collect all those monies, the economy will be better,” she said.





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