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Fiscal space will be very narrow after 2024 elections – John Mahama

Former president John Dramani Mahama has commented on the current economic crisis the country is facing.

He believes that the country’s fiscal space will be severely restricted for any incoming government after the 2024 elections.

“I know that if we do come into office in 2025, the fiscal space is going to be very narrow because of the economic crisis in which we are. And so, I do think that the next phase we should look at is a change in our governance system,” he said in an interview over the weekend.

He continued by outlining a number of processes that can help the economy for the new government.

“A review of our constitution, a strong fight against corruption, those are the kinds of things young people are looking for, but at the same time raising investments and putting them in areas where young people can get opportunity to develop their full potential.

“And so, I think that would be the agenda for the next NDC administration. It might be me, it might be one of our members,” he stressed.

Mahama also explained the importance of infrastructure as shown by the last NDC government. Asked what new he would do when he finds himself in office again, he responded:

“I keep getting asked this question a lot of time, we did a lot in our time and at the time our focus was in infrastructure,” he said adding that because of degraded infrastructure, the NDC built roads, interchanges, airport terminals, habours, schools, hospitals, clinics etc.

Ghana is currently engaging the Fund for a $3 billion loan facility to complement its economic mix which was worsened by the two events even though the opposition blames mismanagement of the economy for the downturn.





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