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#FixTheCountry Demo: Thousands match in Tamale to demand new constitution

Thousands of people on Saturday marched on the principal streets of the Tamale Metropolis to demand a new constitution for the country.

The protesters said the 1992 Constitution had outlived its usefulness and needed to be discarded and make way for a new constitution.

This they noted, will protect Ghana’s three-decades-old democracy.
The demonstration was organized by the #FixTheCountry Movement and several other youth advocacy organizations including Activista Ghana.

Demonstrators held placards, some of which read “Let’s Write a Constitution that empowers everyone”, “We deserve better than this”, “Zalkpan pala punpoŋɔ” to wit “A new constitution now” among others.

Protesters convened at the Tamale Jubilee Park where they matched through the Police Headquarters Street, through to the PWD road to Warders Canteen. From there, they moved towards PK Gombilla street in Tishegu and joined the Tamale-Bolgatanga main highway, before turning towards Choggu roundabout to Water Works, Aboabo through the Central Business District and back to the Jubilee Park where they addressed the public.

Lead Convenor of the #FixTheCountry Movement, Osagyefo Oliver Baker-Vormawor who addressed the protesters said even though it was late for the youth of today to see the vision of a different Ghana, it was good to join the fight in other for the next generation to live to see that vision.

“No matter what we do, we’re not going to see the vision Ghana of a different Ghana. It is too late for us. the fight that we are fighting was the fight that our fathers were supposed to have fought for us. For you and I, this is it, we’re going to live a life of poverty… but I tell you what, our children will not live in same Ghana.” he said.

He said they were going to continue to fight to ensure Ghana’s next generation lived a dignified life.

“Our children will see a different Ghana, our children will live in dignity” Mr. Barker-Vormawor added.

The #FixTheCountry Convenor hinted that similar demonstrations will be held across Northern Ghana including Bolga, Wa, and Bawku among others.





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