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Free SHS has become a conduit for large-scale corruption and theft – MP

A Deputy Ranking Member on the Education Committee of Parliament has stated categorically that the free senior school policy has become an avenue for stealing, corruption, mismanagement, and inconsistencies.

Dr Apaak stated that while the funding for the free SHS policy has received the most resources from parliament to date, the various senior high schools have faced food shortages, a lack of infrastructure, and other auxiliary expenses.

He said the cost of the policy had seen different quotations from the Finance Minister, Education Minister, and Vice President, Dr Mahamaudu Bawumia.

The Minister of Finance stated in Section 284 (Page 49) of the 2021 mid-year budget statement that a total of GH7.62 billion had been allocated to Free SHS since 2017.

Similarly, in section 60 of the 2022 mid-year budget, he stated that the government spent GH5.3 billion from the start of the Free SHS programme in 2017 to the end of 2021.

Furthermore, during the meet the press’ briefing at the Ministry of Information on Sunday 7th June 2021, the Education Minister, Yaw Osei Adutwum, presented a total amount of GH7.7 billion as expenditure to date on the Free SHS programme.

Dr. Apaak, in his submission, stressed that it was abnormal that the government could go from Ghc3.2 billion to over 7.3 billion in just a year towards the implementation.

He noted the explanation from the Minister was not convincing and that the cost of free SHS has been an avenue where corruption abounds.

He added that the controversies and corruption surrounding the free SHS have proven that we have the most deceitful government governing the country.

” This is the government nobody should trust. You trust the Akufo-Addo Bawumia government at your own peril.”

“This government engages in the most brazen lawlessness,” said the lawmaker who represents Builsa South constituents. This is parliament, the house of records, and I have produced documents to demonstrate the inconsistencies. What does this mean? It demonstrates that there is a lot to hide.”

He was convinced that one of the reasons why we see what we are seeing in the implementation of the free policy is because” a lot of people have enriched themselves and the free SHS has become a conduit for grand scale corruption never witnessed in the history of this country”.





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