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‘Freezing public sector employment would make living unbearable for graduates’ – Mahama

Former President, John Dramani Mahama has spoken against government’s plans of putting a hold on employment into the public sector as a means of reviving the economy of the country.

John Mahama who is also an aspiring presidential candidate is of the view that, the initiative is poorly thought-through and will make living for the many unemployed graduates unbearable if implemented.

TheeEx-president believes that, the Ghanaian youth should not be made to suffer for the reckless spending by government and mismanagement of the country’s economy.

“Our economic situation has compelled the government this year to announce a freeze or a ban on public-sector employment. This makes the situation rather dire for you…unfortunately due to mismanagement and reckless expenditure by the government over the last five years, the private business environment is also in a very poor state today,” John Dramani Mahama made this assertion while addressing his audience at the 13th Congregation of the Accra Business School on Saturday, December 3, 2022.

In his address to parliament on the 2023 Budget, the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta announced that, as part of measures to rebuild a robust economy and salvage Ghana from its economic crisis, government would no longer be employing labour into the Public Sector, starting from January 2023.

Aside from the freeze on employment into the Public Sector, the finance minister announced that there would also be no hampers for public workers this December, there would be no government funded workshops, and training programs for public sector workers and a ban would be placed on the importation of V8s for members of parliament and government employees.





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