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GhanaWeb Poll: Over 64% of respondents are against change in minority caucus leadership

Nearly 64 per cent of participants in a GhanaWeb Poll do not support the decision of the largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), to change their parliamentary leadership.

The poll, which was conducted from Wednesday, (January 25, 2023) to Friday, (January 27, 2023), had 22,035 readers of GhanaWeb participating in it.

Out of the 22,035 participants, 14,158, representing over 64 per cent of the respondents, said that they disagreed with the change in the minority leadership.

Most of the respondents who disagreed with the change in leadership questioned its timing.

“If there should be changes, but not now that we are going to elections and, as you know, we also need unity to win the election so there is no need now,” one respondent said.

Others also dreaded the apparent lack of concentration before the change in the minority caucus leadership was made.

“Is it the NEC who appointed them? Were there parliamentarians consulted on the issue? If the earlier appointment was done without consultation, then… Our democracy is growing. We are still in the learning stage. NDC should begin to put laws into place to deal with such situations in the future,” another respondent said.

On the other hand, 6,763 of the people who took part in the poll (nearly 31 per cent of the respondents) said that they agree with the decision of the national executives of the NDC.

Some of the respondents who agreed with the move praised the NDC national executives, saying that the move is in the interest of the party.

“Those who pretend to be loyal yet quietly weaken the NDC are those who think the move was bad. Because they can’t get through anymore. Great move by current leaders,” one respondent said.

Others also accused some of the outgoing minority leaders of being in bed with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“Haruna Iddrisu is a two-face man. Collecting from NPP and pretending he is working for NDC. Its removal is long overdue,” one respondent said.

“One of the best decisions made by the party hierarchy. Hon Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson will make the party proud,” another respondent said.

However, 1114 people (over 5 per cent of the respondents) said that they do not care about the change in the leadership of the minority caucus.

View a summary of the results of the poll below:






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