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Haruna Iddrisu, other NDC MPs commend Opare Addo

Some bigwigs in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have eulogised the party’s National Youth Organiser, George Opare Addo for his good works since coming into office.Mr Opare Addo, popularly referred to as Pablo, was sworn into office in 2018.

Minority leader and MP for Tamale South, Haruna Iddrisu, is among the NDC MPs who have endorsed the National Youth Organiser, who is seeking a second term in office.

Mr Iddrisu noted that just as his role expects, Mr Opare Addo has been the medium that breaches the gap between the grassroots supporters, mostly the youth, and the leadership of the party.

He noted that Pablo ensured that the leadership of the party had ample time to interact and discuss their future and the future of the current opposition party while in Tamale for a political event.

“Pablo, I should thank you. My MP said yesterday, you just didn’t receive them well but you gave them room to share their thoughts and experiences with the gallant youth of our party. We remain grateful for the opportunity and for the gesture. And to Pablo on behalf of the parliamentary wing of the party, let me thank you profoundly; one for the Tamale Northern Region, my own region for this ceremony of grooming and seeking to develop the capacities,” he said.

Another NDC MP likened the administration of Pablo to that of “an army of sheep led by a lion”. According to the MP, such an army “can conquer an army of lions led by a sheep.”

For most of the NDC MPs, Mr Opare Addo has remained “selfless” as far as the party is concerned.

These appellations were showered on Mr Opare Addo at the National TEIN Capacity Building Boot Camp held in the Northern Region.

In his speech, Pablo expressed the words of a true leader, encouraging all to persevere and be determined to get the work done for the greater good of the NDC.

“Courage is not the one who shouts the loudest. Courage is not the one who portrays himself that I am courageous. But courage is getting the job done at every cost and making sure that there are no complaints. We are getting the job done, and I trust you will also go and get yours done,” he stated..

Mr Opare Addo is hopeful of retaining his position when the party, on December 10, 2022, elects its new batch of national executives.

He is optimistic that his works would prove his worth and show his capabilities to provide more successes for the NDC.

Should he be given the nod, the NDC is expected to benefit from 10 projects under his tutelage.

Mr Opare Addo among other things, wants to provide quarterly fuel allowances for constituency Youth Organizer, set up the financing for Youth Wing Members running for District Assembly elections, and operationalize the Youth Wing command center with digital infrastructure for volunteers for operation 24/7.

The fourth and fifth items on his to-do list are to reassemble a National Youth Operation wing ahead of the 2024 elections and provide Megaphones and information packed flash drives for each constituency youth organizer ahead of the 2024 general elections.

The remaining projects to be executed under the leadership of Mr Opare Addo are “print T-shirts and other Paraphernalia for constituency youth organizers; provide a motorbike for each youth organizer and the deputy to increase grassroots mobilization by December 2023; provide cars to deputy regional youth organizers and regional youth organizers without functioning cars; provide a National TEIN Coordinators Vehicle under the auspices of the TEIN secretariat and establish the “Support The Youth Fund” with seed money for constituency Youth organizers.”





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