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Invitation of Mahama to Chatham House an endorsement for president – Dr. Khalid

Assistant Professor in Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Sheffield in the UK Dr Sharif Mahmud Khalid has said that by his reckoning anytime opposition leaders are invited by The Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House, to its platform, it amounts to an endorsement of their candidacy after which they stand a strong chance of winning elections.

The Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility expert made this statement as former President John Mahama gave a lecture on Africa’s Strategic Priorities and Global Role at the think tank’s programme in London.

“The Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House, has a convention of inviting potent opposition leaders to its platform either in election years or close to. Per my observations and trends, I deem such invitations as ‘endorsements’ and many go on to win their respective elections,” Dr. Khalid said.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) which has been in existence since 1920, is one of the world’s leading think tanks that analyse international business, political and security issues based on thorough research and informed debates.

“We pursue our mission through dialogue, analysis and solutions-based ideas, and by empowering the next generation to build a better world. As we embark on our second century, we are focused on three goals for the future. Chatham House’s mission is to help governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world,” Chatham House has said about itself.





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