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It’s like comparing Real Madrid’s galacticos to Pure Joy FC – Sam George on diference between NPP, NDC executives

Sam Nartey George, the Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram has opined that the gap in competence and experience between the national executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is huge.

According to him, the current crop of NPP executives are not fit to lace the booths of their NDC counterparts who were sworn into office on Sunday, December 18, 2022.

Sam George noted for example that Justin Kodua Frimpong, the General Secretary of the NPP is a mentee of Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the NDC General Secretary, and cannot be compared to him.

On the persons in charge of communications for both parties, Sam George said on Good Morning Ghana that Sammy Gyamfi has been making minced meat of Richard Ahiagbah.

“It’s like comparing Real Madrid’s galacticos to Prampram Pure Joy Eleven. That is the comparison you are making. We decided to call him the General Chairman because Chairman General has been corrupted elsewhere at Abaka Junction.

“You are comparing them on what basis? Kodua versus Fifi Kwetey. My brother Kodua, monkeys play by sizes. At a time Fifi Kwetey was making national headlines with a political party, Kodua was studying and aspiring to be like Fifi Kwetey. As for Communication, we’ve seen you, Richard, with Sammy Gyamfi here and you’ve left with a bloody nose. While Sammy was doing his wedding, if they put a microphone in front of him to respond to you, he would have bloodied your nose. I don’t understand how you are going to overcome the NDC or Nana B is going to match Yamin. Can you imagine?”, he quizzed.

Sam George was reacting to the press conference by the NPP on Wednesday, December 23, 2022, in which the General Secretary of the party, Justin Kodua Frimpong declared the readiness of his party to counter any propaganda scheme that will be cooked by the NDC.

“We are ready to engage them on politics of issues, and not propaganda and deceit. We invite them to debate us on the records of good governance to enable the good people of Ghana to make informed decisions in 2024,” he said.

“As you know, I’m senior to him; I became a general secretary before he did. So, as a junior general secretary, I gave him advice which is straightforward. He should know that he is no longer a propaganda secretary.

“… but he has become an administrator of a major political party in Ghana, and his actions and inactions should match the position that he occupies.

“We all know what happened in 2008 when he made serval unsavory comments about former President Kufour that he has stolen all the gold in Ghana … and also (that the) NPP has foreign accounts that turned out to be false,” he said.
Sam George was shocked that of all the issues confronting the country, the one the NPP decided to talk about is the new executives of the NDC.

“That of all the plethora of issues our country is faced with, the most pressing one for you as Director of Communications is calling the media and spending resources of your party saying that you can match us boot for boot. Sammy Gyamfi won’t do that because the sweetness of the puddy is in the eating and Sammy Gyamfi doesn’t need a press conference to tell the whole country his national executives will whip your executives any day, any time,” HE SAID.




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