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I’ve not advocated for skirt and blouse, ignore the false publication – Adjei-Kwei

Aspiring parliamentary candidate for Dadekotopon Constituency in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana Jake Kwei Adjei-Kwei has denied advocating for a skirt and blouse vote if he does not win.

The aspiring candidate in a rejoinder described the publication as false and asked party delegates and the public to ignore it.

Read the full rejoinder below:

The attention of the Campaign Team of one of the NDC Parliamentary Candidates in the Dadekotopon Constituency in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana Jake Kwei Adjei-Kwei has been called to a publication on GhanaWeb which states that a campaign team member of our Candidate has stated that the supporters of Jake will vote skirt and blouse if he loses the upcoming Parliamentary primaries of the NDC in Dadekotopon.

We categorically deny and totally distance ourselves from such an unfortunate utterance. Jake Kwei Adjei-Kwei has been a member of this great party NDC and has served in the party right from the branches to the Constituency level first serving as a branch Treasurer, Secretary and Organizer right up to the Constituency level where he served as the Constituency Organizer and acted as the Constituency Secretary for a period and a 2 term Constituency Elections Director before he contested in the immediate past Parliamentary primaries in 2020 and lost.

He didn’t walk away but participated actively to help the current MP to win the Constituency Elections as the MP for Dadekotopon. His work caught the attention of the NDC National Campaign team which called him to be part of the 2020 elections monitoring Team and indeed was the leader of the team that delivered the National Elections materials to the Oti Region of Ghana.

He will never say such a thing and non of the members of the campaign team will say such a thing because they are all very committed members of the NDC and ready to die for the party.

This is the time to remove this incompetent NPP from power and that is the mantle we are all desperately working hard to achieve come 2024 for the NDC to return to power. We totally disassociate ourselves from such a comment if there is really a comment from any misguided person who we don’t even think is a member of this great Party NDC.

Indeed after filing to take part in the 2023 Parliamentary primaries, Jake Kwei Adjei-Kwei granted an interview in front of the Dadekotopon NDC office where he stated categorically that his Campaign team will conduct an issue-based campaign devoid of any insult as all the contestants are members under one umbrella, one Big Family with one destiny. NDC is the only party that can rescue Ghana from the economic mismanagement we are currently facing with hyperinflation and insecurity everywhere.

Jake Kwei Adjei-Kwei is committed to the Party and indeed the Party comes first before an individual’s personal interest. He is very poised to win the upcoming Parliamentary primaries in Dadekotopon to Change the narratives in the Constituency for the better and that is why He took the slogan “Game Changer- There is Hope”. Indeed Dadekotopon will have a J & J for the 2024 National Elections.” John & Jake will be the battle cry for victory.

Till then let’s remind ourselves that, this is a Family Affair and so nothing should be done to destroy a brother or sister because of the overzealousness to win a seat. We are one BIG Family under one umbrella.

Thank you and may the Good Lord bless us all as we go for the elections on May 13th and may God who knows best choose the best amongst us to lead the Party in Dadekotopon.
Nathaniel Banfro
(Team Jake Campaign Strategist)



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