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Johnnie Hughes taken off-air due to pressure from NPP – Bridget Otto alleges

Bridget Otoo has alleged that TV3 journalist Johnnie Hughes has been taken off the station’s flagship New Day programme because of political pressure.

Otoo, herself a former TV3 broadcaster, called out the General Manager of the station who she claims had pressured her with political reasons six years ago.

She made the allegation via Twitter while responding to an artwork from the station announcing a new on-air personality for their sister outfit, 3FM.

“Guess who is bringing the sauce for your morning breakfast? the photo read.

Otoo’s response was contained in her caption which read: “It’s @hughes_onair! You are taking him off New Day, bowing to the pressure of NPP to take him off. How do you do this to your main star on the show?

“Does Beatrice Agyemang think she can control the staff that come there?” she threw a pot shot at the General Manager of the station.

Johnnie Hughes’ section on the New Day programme, ‘Johnnie’s Bite’ had become famous for speaking truth to power and calling out issues of misgovernance and political impunity.

In other tweets about how the station treats its employees, Otoo cautioned that pandering to politicians will mean the continuous loss of key staff.

“If a media house like TV3 keeps bowing to the pressures of politicians, they will keep coming for more of your staff they disagree with! Also, prepare for someone worse than Johnnie and I.”

She referenced how the Communications Director of NPP, Richard Ahiagbah “has started harassing Roland Walker!” Walker is one of the senior journalists with the station.

“Will Beatrice Agyemang take Roland Walker off when the pressure gets to her? Why can’t you stand by your staff who are to have an independent mind of their own and not puppets, nodding yes to everything!” Otoo fumed.

Find her main tweet below






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