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Kwame Pianim tops Twitter trends after slamming Ken Ofori-Atta over Ghana’s Debt Exchange

Ghanaian economist, Kwame Pianim is currently trending on Twitter following his comment on Ghana’s economy.

Kwame Pianim in an interview with TV3 said government is sitting on a timebomb if it goes ahead to implement the Domestic Debt Exchange programme.

He further said that Ken Ofori-Atta‘s irresponsibility and recklessness has led the country into a ditch, which has resulted in the need for the country to undertake a debt restructuring exercise for an IMF bailout.

“…I would have been proud as a Ghanaian to contribute to the debt restructuring exercise but I will not contribute one pesewa for Ken Ofori-Atta leading this, he led us into the gutter…” he stressed.

Following his comment, he has topped Twitter trends with many social media users reacting to his statement.

“AIR -Arrogance, Incompetence and Recklessness. Renowned economist Dr. Kwame Pianim. Who is he referring to?” Nelson Bonkena quizzed.

“We have men like Kwame Pianim in this country but we no dey mind them…” Mr_Kormy Tweeted

Below are some of the tweets





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