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Mahama’s promise to scrap ex-gratia doable – Governance Expert

A governance expert, Dr. Richard Fiadomor, has said the promise by former President John Dramani Mahama to scrap ex-gratia when voted for as Flagbearer for NDC and President in 2024 election can be done if it is backed with commitment.

Speaking on Starr Today with Joshua Kodjo Mensah, Mr. Fiadomor indicated that the former President is aware of the constitutional side of the promise adding that Mr. Mahama will work towards it.

“Clearly, it is a constitutional matter and constitutional review is what can be used to get it done. So if he comments on that I believe it is a recommendation that has been made and it is something that should be carried out. Because obviously it is a serious inequality that is in our system because somebody comes to office for just four years and the money he takes home is nowhere near what a teacher takes home after 30-years of work,” Fiadomor stated.

The governance expert further stated that the promise by the former President will be welcomed by most Ghanaians if it can be executed.

“It is doable knowing who John Mahama is but if that promise is made genuinely as it were to save the public purse then it is very welcome. But of course if it is just meant for political rhetoric just to win votes that will be most unfortunate but knowing who John Mahama is it possible. Because I believe he has not just gotten up one day to make such pronouncements or comments. Some analysis might have gone into it to know that it is doable, so it is very possible,” Mr. Fiadomor reiterated.


Former President John Mahama has promised to scrap ex-gratia for the Executive arm of government if he is elected the Flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) and wins the 2024 Presidential election.

The former President made this known in the Volta Region on Thursday while launching his campaign to lead the NDC as its Flagbearer.

“In response to the concerns from many of you, we will initiate and undertake the most far-reaching constitutional, political, and governance reforms that will restore confidence in our democracy. We will continue and bring to conclusion the Constitutional review process to reduce the number of office holders under Article 71, and reduce the disparities in privileges and emoluments vis a vis the public sector and civil service.”

“The payment of ex-gratia to members of the executive under Article 71 will be scrapped. It will start in earnest in 2025. We will also begin the process of persuading the other arms of government other than the executive to accept the removal of these ex-gratia payments. Issues pertaining to the excessive powers of the President, proper separation of powers, strengthening of Parliament, restoring the independence of the Judiciary, independent and quasi-independent state institutions and depoliticizing them will take centre stage of the new administration,” Mr Mahama stated.





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