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Majority of private senior high schools have collapsed following free SHS – Private Schools

Akwasi Andam, an executive member of Ghana’s Private Senior High Schools, has revealed that the majority of private schools have closed.

He stated on Nyankonton Nu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that several private SHSs have closed since the implementation of the free SHS policy.

He lamented that the administrators of private secondary schools made several attempts and engaged the government to consider them in the policy’s implementation, but their concerns were not addressed.

Although he was unable to provide an exact number of schools that have closed, Akwasi Andam stated that the vast majority of them are no longer in operation.

”As we speak, several of our schools are no longer in existence. The implementation of the policy has not been helpful for us. Since its inception, private schools have not been able to survive.”

“No one is applying to the private schools. Our schools were considered in the implementation of the free SHS. We approached the government and were told that our schools were not considered. Our schools were also removed from the school placement system. That’s how our schools failed.”

When asked what had happened to his school, he revealed that he had to transfer the students he had at the SHS level to another school.

He has since converted his school into a primary school.





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