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Minority calls for the immediate reduction in the number of ministers from 86 to 65

The minority has called for an immediate reduction in the number of ministers from the current 86 to 65.

Addressing a press conference on the issue, Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, who spoke on behalf of the minority side, said some ministries should be merged rather than have a new position created for them.

For instance, the government should merge the Information and Communication ministries. Transport and Railways, Chieftaincy and Tourism, Sanitation and Local Government Ministries

They also called on the government to scrap some political appointments, which they described as ‘job-for-the-boys’ as some of those positions are to perform the same functions or nothing at all.

They are therefore demanding the “immediate scrapping of all amorphous creations and waste-pipe, job-for-the-boys’ appointments since the assumption of office by President Akufo Addo in 2017.

“The work of those undefined, amorphous creations must revert to established entities in the civil and public services that perform similar, if not the same functions,” the minority leader stated.

Below is a list of portfolios at the office of the president that the minority is contesting:

1.Youth Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs
2. Policy Associate
3. Chief Executive of Public Sector Reforms
4. Overseer of the National Cathedral
5. Church Relations Manager
6. Diaspora Church Mobilization Officer
7. Policy & Coordinator Analyst
8. Focal Person, La Francophonie
9. Technical Director, La Francophonie
10. Coordinator, Special Development Initiatives
11. Director of Special Projects
12. Manager of Operations & Programs
13. 5 Technical Communications Assistants
14. Technical Advisor, Zongo Development Authority
15. 2 Technical Advisors, Special Development
Initiatives Secretariat
16. Technical Advisor, Political Affairs
17. Presidential Staffer, NABCO
18. Office Management Executive Associate
19. Technical Director to the Presidential Advisor on
20. Data Manager





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