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Minority reshuffle: Haruna Iddrisu’s silence fueling turmoil in NDC – Larry Dogbe

Editor of the Herald newspaper, Larry Dogbe, has argued that the current ‘commotion’ in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) following the reshuffling of the party’s leadership in Parliament can come to an end if Haruna Iddrisu, the outgoing Minority Leader, speaks.

He holds that the Tamale South MP should appeal to disgruntled Members of Parliament (MPs) and party members to accept the decision of the party leadership to reshuffle the minority caucus leadership.

Speaking on Citi TV’s The Big Issue, January 28, 2023, Mr Alans-Dogbe disagreed with assertions by some, notably Mahama Ayariga, that the silence of Haruna Iddrisu regarding the controversial reshuffle is dignifying, insisting that it is fueling the tension and upheaval in the party.

“Haruna Iddrisu has Presidential ambitions. To the extent that this is the boat[ the NDC) through which you want to sail to get to that destination. And so you would want to be seen, as the statement said, that you’re building bridges; that the party should be in a good state for tomorrow.

“Now you have ex-President Mahama contesting an election to become flagbearer again. I mean you’ll hear issues as to how, you know, … sometimes turf war here and there…all that…all that.

“Now I think that Haruna holds the key towards resolving this particular matter. I am sure if Haruna should call Mahama now – and I am talking of Mahama Ayariga – to say that: listen, Mahama, let’s do this.

“Lets even withdraw that letter from the Council of Elders. And say that we respect the party’s decision and that for peace to prevail, for us to build unity, for us to put our house in order to contest the 2024 elections.

“I am sure Mahama and all the others, including Muntaka, who is obviously an interested party in all this, will all pull their brakes and everything will pipe down…So his silence is not helping matters at all…The silence is not dignifying, it’s fueling other things,” he explained.

A letter from the NDC National Chairman John Asiedu Nketiah addressed to the Speaker of Parliament announced that that the NDC had made changes to its leadership in the house.

The announced change has not gone down well with many party faithful, especially some MPs who argue that there was inadequate consultation and the change was too abrupt.

They have subsequently petitioned the party’s Council of Elders, who have promised to resolve the issue promptly.





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