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Minority rubbishes claims Tinubu’s victory means NPP will ‘break the 8’

The Minority in Parliament has rubbished the assertion by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Parliament that the retention of APC in power by Nigerians means the party will also be retained.

The Deputy Minority leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin was reacting to comments by Deputy Minority Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim that the NDC will be occupying the majority side after the 2024 elections.

According to Mr. Afenyo-Amarkin, APC candidate, Tinubu has ‘broken the 8’ in Nigeria and thus a similar thing can happen in Ghana.

However, Member of Parliament for Bodi, Sampson Ahi quickly shredded the claim of the Deputy Majority leader.

According to him, the APC is rather attempting to break the 16 years of continuous rule of the PDP and not 8 years.

Mr. Ahi consequently told the NPP to abandon the campaign since the dynamics in Nigeria are different.

“I’ve heard from my colleagues from the other side that in Nigeria they have broken the ‘8’, and that will reflect in Ghana. Mr. Speaker, I want them to know that in Nigeria they don’t ‘break the 8’ they break 16, it’s 16 years. Because Obasanjo did eight years, Yar’Adua came in and did four years, Goodluck Jonathan did four years all under PDP, that was 16 years.

“So APC is struggling to break 16 and not eight. So the two scenarios are different. So prepare your handing over notes you will leave office come January 2025. You are leaving office, don’t compare Nigeria to Ghana. There is a vast difference between Ghana and Nigeria,” the lawmaker stated.





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