Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Minority to hold public hearing on COVID-19 expenditure infractions

Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson has announced a public hearing on the audit of the Covid-19 expenditure effective February 07, 2023.

Addressing a Press Conference on Wednesday the new minority leader reiterated “At that point, we’ll pay due diligence to the duties given to us as the people of Ghana.”

The decision comes after engagement with the Finance and the Health Committees of parliament, he disclosed.

Subsequently, the new leadership of the minority caucus has also planned to embark on a roadshow to “galvanize the people of Ghana and educate them” on the impact of the current economic crisis.

The two programmes will ostensibly form his initial action after his elevation as minority leader of Ghana’s largest opposition in parliament.

He’s yet to set out how he plans to bring together a party riven into factions after the upset in the leadership of the minority caucus following the reshuffle.

But the new minority leader has urged for calm among the rank and file of the NDC saying the new leadership has a good handle on the affairs of parliament and will do a great job in the larger interest of the party and the nation.

“…I’ll appeal to the rank and file of our great NDC party to keep calm, members of parliament are in good hands, we’ll work with them with due diligence. Obviously, we’re not new in this House. I have been in this House for 14 years. I know the capabilities of all our colleagues, some I met, some came to meet me. I have worked closely with most of our colleagues and I can assure you that together we shall succeed,” he told Journalists in parliament.





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