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MP hopeful for Amenfi Central creates jobs for people at the Amenfi Constituency

The parliamentary candidate for Amenfi Central in the Western Region, Joana Gyan-Cudjoe has created job for over three hundred (300) people in her Constituency.

The over one million Ghana Cedis block factory project established by the NDC female politician is poised to provide direct employment to more than 300 people in the area.

The facility will accommodate both skilled and unskilled workers ( drivers, food vendors, carriers) and other professionals which will seek to bring food to the tables of the many people who will ply their trade one way or the other in the facility.

Named ,’Gell Real Estate and Block Factory’ located at Wassa Agona Amenfi provides services like; building and construction, road construction, project and property management, land sales, architectural design among others.

The unprecedented achievement on the part of the MP hopeful is a call for voters in the Amenfi Central to vote massively for her to bring job opportunities to members in the area to reduce the tendency of unemployment rate.

Her move is unprecedented because she’s the first parliamentary candidate in Amenfi Central to have created direct jobs to over 300 people and also created indirect jobs to over 1200 people in Amenfi Central Constituency.


Source: / Ayisah Foster



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