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NDC rejects calls for a re-run in Ketu North

The biggest opposition party in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rejected calls from concerned delegates in Ketu North to conduct a re-run of elections in the constituency.

The party leadership was responding to calls from NDC delegates who expressed their discontentment with a winner being declared without re-run despite a tie of votes during the party’s primaries.

The Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Mustapha Gbande, stated that the party delivered a conclusive ruling in the presence of the two contenders and the party chairman.

In a report, Mustapha added the party has moved on and is preparing the parliamentary candidate to win the Ketu North seat. Adding that calls for re-elections are only reconciliation efforts as the party is even aware of such petition.

“The National Chairman of the party was present, and the parties involved in the disputed primary were there with their lawyers. We then delivered a conclusive ruling on the matter, and Edem Agbana was declared the legitimately elected parliamentary candidate for Ketu North. As a result, any other issue will be considered a reconciliation effort because we are not even aware of any petition of this nature, and no such matter has been brought to our office. The party has moved on, and we are now preparing the elected candidate to win the seat,” Gbande said.

The parliamentary candidate for Ketu North, Edem Agbana, was declared winner in the May 13 NDC primaries after tying votes with his contender, John Adanu.

They tied with 360 votes each following the discovery of three unstamped ballots.





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