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NDC voted for fearless persons to wrestle power in 2024 polls – Asah Asante

A Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana (UG), Dr. Kwame Asah Asante says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has voted for clean and confident personalities who can win power in the 2024 elections.

The opposition NDC on Saturday, December 17, 2022 elected a new National Executive Committee to lead the party for the next four years and more importantly wrestle power from the incumbent New Patriotic Party.

Johnson Asiedu Nketiah won the NDC chairmanship position in his first run for that office after taking a bow as the General Secretary.

He toppled the incumbent chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo in a high-stakes election that saw four candidates vying for the slot.

Mr. Asiedu Nketiah popularly known as General Mosquito won decisively by 5,574 representing 65.17 percent, while his closest contender, Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo who failed to retain his position in that contest obtained 2,892 votes representing 33.81 percent of the total valid votes cast.

“Look at the people they put up, they have put up people who are fearless, who are bold, who to a very large extent have clean records. If you look at Asiedu Nketiah and Fifi Kwetey, for instance, Yammin and the rest of them, it is nothing but a referendum of their work. The work that they have done over the years has paid off. They see them as competent, they see them as clean, they see them as fearless and all that,” Mr. Asnate stated.

According to him, there is no doubt that with these newly elected executives, the NDC will win the election 2024.

“So, the message that it sends is that look now the NDC has its powers in order and is ready for a battle for 2024. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a burning desire for the NDC to win the 2024 elections and that the clear manifestation is what we are seeing in their leaders who have demonstrated that they are in pain and they are so much in anger about the status quo. There is every reason to believe that they want to kick away the status quo come 2024 in no doubt,” Mr. Ashante reiterated.

The Political Science Lecturer further added that he does not belong to the school of thought of those who believe that the winners won by some sort of miracle.

“I knew, I predicted a win for Asiedu Nketia and Fifi Kwetey. If you look at what transpired, I was not surprised. Let’s look at it from a political competition and political science perspective. You cannot go to any election without a program that the whole process is going to hinge around and that was the desire to win in the election for 2024.”

Mr. Asante also believes the former NDC Chairman lost simply because of his campaign strategy.

“So, strategy came into play very strongly. If you look at General Mosquito against Ofosu Ampofo their race was nothing but a two-horse race. You look at it from that perspective, and you will realize that strategy-wise, a tape emerged, and whether it was put forward by General Mosquito or not the content of the tape did lots of good for Asiedu Nketia.”





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