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Nkrumah must be rolling! – Kenyan politician mocks Ghana over Meek Mill episode

Winnie Odinga, a Kenyan politician has lamented how American rapper Meek Mill was allowed to visit the Jubilee House and engage in acts that were disrespectful to the presidency.

Ms Odinga described the episode as ‘just nuts’ referencing the use of unAfrican words by the rapper whiles filming at the presidency.

She concluded that the presidency of the first African nation to gain independence had been desecrated to the extent that the founding president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah will be rolling in his grave.

“This Meek Mill/ Ghanaian story is just nuts! shooting a music video at the President’s office while rapping n***a this and n***a that on the Presidential Podium of the FIRST AFRICAN nation to gain Independence is wild! Nkurumah (sic) must be rolling!” her tweet of January 11, 2023 read.

The rapper issued an apology to Ghanaians and the presidency after footage of the Jubilee House was contained in a video he was set to release.

He deleted the promo he had posted on Instagram and absolved the presidency of knowing that he was taking videos during his visit to the place.

His visit was facilitated by Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, daughter of the president.

Government is under fire to explain how the highest security installation in the country suffered such a breach.





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