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Parliament to question National Security Minister over Meek Mill video

The Ranking Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defense and Interior, James Agalga, has indicated that parliament will invite the National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah, to explain how US rapper Meek Mill shot a music video at the Jubilee House.

According to him, the minister needs to be questioned about the protocols that are in place at the moment.

“The security of our president could easily be compromised by the conduct of that musician. So, we need to call into question the conduct of the head of security for the presidency, and as a committee, we will be looking into the matter.

“We definitely will invite the National Security Minister and question him about the protocols that are in place at the Jubilee House,” quoted James Agalga.

American rapper Meek Mill has deleted a promo video he posted on Instagram hours after he shared it with his followers on the platform and on Twitter.

Even though no reason has been given for the deletion, it is widely believed that it is due to a backlash arising from the fact that portions of the viral video were shot in and around the Jubilee House during his recent visit.

The Twitter link that led to the Instagram reel is still up but leads to a blank page.

Meek Mill is seen rapping in various locations throughout the presidency, including the frontage, main corridors, the main conference hall – at a point behind the presidential lectern—and later in a sitting area.

Social media users, especially on Twitter, were largely angered by what they described as a near desecration of the presidency, citing moral and security grounds.

Influencers on the platform have also attracted comments that are largely critical of the government for allowing such sensitive areas to be filmed for a music video.

From Sunday evening to Monday morning, the top trends were Meek Mill, Jubilee House, and White House.

It must be noted that a small portion of the commenters are justifying it, stating that it is not too much of a big deal.





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