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Prince Moses Zakaria picks NDC nomination forms to contest Madina parliamentary primaries

Businessman cum climate change expert Prince Moses Zakaria picked nomination forms yesterday, February 23, 2022, to contest the parliamentary primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Madina constituency, in Accra.

The founder and CEO of ZakoNut, together with his entourage, made up predominantly of the delegates and grassroots in Madina, picked up his form without the usual pump and pageantry and was led to his campaign office to begin the process of filling out the forms.

Political watchers say Zakaria’s joining the Madina contest has sent shivers down the spines of those who thought they could disrespect Madina delegates and grease their palms with peanuts during primaries to go unopposed.

His focus, according to some delegates who spoke to this portal, is to unite the party, make himself accessible, and involve everyone in decisions bothering on Madina.

The former Northern regional correspondent for the Chronicle newspaper, who later became a founder member of the Heritage and NewsDay newspapers, thunders in at a time when the constituency is seeking a rescuer, as, according to them, the current MP, whom they expected so much from, has disappointed them.

Prince Moses Zakaria is also the man who established GUIDANCE, a Muslim television station in Accra.

“Since Lawyer Sosu won the election, he has never come to the constituency to even say a thank you to us. Now, he has relocated from the constituency and leaves in East Legon. Anytime we call him the excuse he gives us is that he has been occupied by parliamentary duties, meanwhile we voted for you to go to the Parliament you have been so busy with it duties,” an old woman who is a delegate told this portal.

Prince Zakaria is an indigene of Madina. He is a grandchild of Alhaji Haruna Yussif (Antinana) one of the cohorts of the founder of Madina.

He coordinated the transportation of delegates to the just-ended national youth conference in Cape Coast.

With the NDC parliamentary primaries just around the corner, one of the places that will be of particular interest is the Madina constituency, where Zakaria, who is considered an underdog but has the support of the delegates and grassroots, is likely to unseat lawyer Sosu.


Source: / Ernest Addo, Contributor



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