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Size of Ghana’s government bigger than my country’s – German Ambassador to Ghana

The German Ambassador to Ghana, Daniel Krull has commented on the size of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government relative to that of other countries.

Contrasting the size of Ghana’s government to that of his country, the German Ambassador noted the need for a reduction in the size on the back of the current economic challenges Ghana is facing.

“I only can compare with the other countries like mine and I can come to the conclusion that there is huge number, the number is much higher than in my country, so that may bring me to the conclusion that there is room for improvement,” he said.

Ghana is currently seeking the support of some countries including Germany to persuade one of the country’s major creditors, China, for a debt relief.

With Ghana owing China some $1.7 billion, the government is hoping the debt relief would help the country meet conditions for an IMF bailout.

But according to Mr Krull, there is more to be done by the government to help the situation.

He cited the need for a cut in the government’s budget expenditure as one of the areas that need to be looked at.

“It depends very much on what kind of expenditure you are looking at and I am convinced this is true, if I look at the budget of the German Foreign Ministry, and the German government, I am convinced there are important parts that can be cut without hurting the economic development and I am convinced without going into details this is also true for Ghana,” he said

“There are certainly expenditure that can be lowered substantially and make an important impact. I cannot go out to the international community, say I need help but I am not willing to cut my own budget expenditure. I have to be careful not to cut into social expenditure that are destroying lives and families,” he added.





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