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Some youth in Kumasi lament economic hardship

Some residents of the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi have bemoaned the current economic crisis facing Ghana, saying it has made life “tougher” for them.

In a documentary by MultiCDB which featured some of these youths, they said life has become unbearable and that they have had to struggle to make ends meet.

One of the youth, Kwabena, a “take away” seller disclosed how he used to make huge profits on “take away runners” but now finds it difficult to sell half his consignments.

“Now the market is slow. First (previously), I could generate about Gh¢200 as profit from sales, but now I can’t even sell all to be paid by my employer”, he lamented.

Another group of people who work with a wood factory also shared their experiences after moving from Navrongo to seek greener pastures in Kumasi.

They explained that they are paid based on the work they do in a day; but would sometimes go to and return home with nothing.

“Nowadays price of food is expensive and sellers quarrel with us, because we don’t have enough to purchase it.”

They pleaded with the government of Ghana and the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) to as a matter of urgency, put in place measures to provide the youth with jobs, especially the graduates since most of them are unemployed.

They added that the current unemployment situation in the country could lead to some of the youth taking up some deviant and unacceptable behaviors which could affect the overall security of the country.





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