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Unmasking the Veil of Deception: A Call for Vigilance in Ghana’s Politics

Power, in its quest to perpetuate itself, often uses deception as its favorite tool. It tends to extinguish adversaries not by overpowering them in fair play but by craftily eliminating the chance of their recovery, ensuring a reign uninterrupted by the fear of reprisal. Power cloaks itself in unpredictability, creating smokescreens that distract from its true intent. As such, one may wonder: is this the same script being played out in Ghana’s political sphere today?

A disturbing piece of evidence recently surfaced that seems to point towards this reality. An alleged secret audio recording unveiled a purported conspiracy involving senior members of Ghana’s ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and a high-ranking official of the Ghana Police Service. The intent? To oust the current Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, ahead of the 2024 elections.

In the recording, the unidentified voices bemoan Dampare’s perceived lack of party loyalty and potential leanings towards the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). The dialogue unearths a potentially insidious plan: the belief that the NPP’s mission, dubbed ‘Breaking the 8’, cannot come to fruition with Dampare at the helm. The officials insist upon partisan police leadership for the upcoming elections and mourn the recent Assin North by-election result—a result they believe would have been different with a partisan security force in place.

This revelation can be viewed as a deceptive strategy by the government aimed at holding onto power at all costs. They seem to be orchestrating a narrative that frames the current IGP as impartial. A brilliantly deceptive smoke-and-mirror tactic, this narrative can serve as a safety net for the NPP, providing them with a scapegoat in the unlikely event of an unfavorable outcome in the 2024 elections.

The plot thickens with the alleged dissatisfaction over Dampare’s role in the Assin North by-election, a clever diversion that bolsters the argument of his supposed impartiality. The cynic might argue that the by-election was never in the NPP’s favor and that the outcome is being used as a tool to further this elaborate ruse. All this, while it is widely known that Dampare has been a loyal aide to the government that appointed him, thereby raising doubts about his likelihood to disrupt the party’s chances of retaining power.

It is thus a clarion call for the NDC and its supporters to tread with caution, to not fall into this elaborate trap laid by the NPP. They must sympathize with Dampare, recognizing the difficult position he finds himself in, yet remain vigilant, critically aware of the political undercurrents. One eye should be trained on expressing solidarity, while the other should remain watchful, ensuring that the smoke does not cloud their vision of the reality on the ground.

The stakes are high, and the path ahead fraught with uncertainties. But for democracy to prevail, the NDC and indeed all Ghanaians must remain resolute in their commitment to transparency and fairness. Let this be an opportunity for the nation to reject deception and stand for truth, for it is in the crucible of such challenges that the real mettle of a democracy is tested. A vigilant eye and a discerning mind are our greatest allies against the machinations of power.


By: Alfred Amuzu, 2L

University of North Dakota Law School

Member, NDC USA-Chapter Legal Team





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