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‘We will advocate for skirt and blouse, if we don’t win primaries’ – Jake Adjei Kwei’s Team

Former constituency organiser of the Dade Kotokpon constituency, Mensa Din, has vowed to advocate for constituents to vote skirt and blouse in the upcoming elections if the aspiring parliamentary Candidate Jake Kwei Adjei-Kwei loses the NDC primaries.

According to him, he has done it before and won’t hesitate to repeat the same action if the delegates do not vote for Candidate Jake Kwei Adjei-Kwei.

“Hello children of Mensah, I have now started coming. If you don’t know and do contrary to what we’ve discussed, we will do skirt and blouse. I have done it before and I will do it again. This is Mensah Tilapia,” he said in an audio in circulation.

Three persons have filed to contest the Dade Kotokpon constituency seat including the incumbent MP Rita Naa Odoley Sowah who is seeking a second term.

The party is expected to hold its parliamentary and presidential elections on May 13, 2023.


Source: ghanaweb.com



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