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#OccupyJulorbiHouse demo: You better take it serious! – Prophet Oduro warns govt

Prophet Kofi Oduro has warned government to address concerns of young people behind the #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests.

According to the founder of Alabaster International Ministries, the protest is a message to the government that there is a leadership deficit that needs to be fixed.

He noted that in the “next 15 years, all the political leaders you see right now are going to be history and new players will emerge. This Occupy Jubilee House demo don’t take it lightly, you better take it serious.

“That is another emergence, you see those people out there? Don’t take them for joke. Something is bubbling in our hearts and that something if you don’t take care will explode,” he told his congregation over the weekend.

He added: “What they are doing there is more dangerous than a coup, they are telling you they don’t like the style of leadership. They can stand in the rain, they don’t care; they can leave their jobs… don’t joke with that. There are mutinies all over,” he emphasized.

Prophet Oduro has been one of the most vocal clergymen against misgovernance and issues of corruption, having called out the president over topical issues in the country – from corruption, galamsey and unguarded comments by the president and his appointees.

About the three-day #OccuptyJulorbiHouse protest

On September 23, the final day of the three-day protests, protesters attempted to force their way through a police barricade deep into the night and march to the presidency.

This is despite the illegal arrests and police highhandedness that marred Day 1 when police arrested 49 protesters, who were detained for hours on allegations of unlawful assembly.

All of them were later released on bail.

Day 2 and 3 passed without any major incident as police barricaded the main road leading to the presidency, Jubilee House, even before the protesters began their march towards the place.

While Day 2 saw the blocking of one part of the 37-Accra Road, the final day saw the blocking of both sides which meant vehicular traffic was greatly constrained for the better part of the day.





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