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You cannot keep ignoring the call for a reduction in the size of gov’t – Akufo-Addo told

Julius Gyimah, an economist and analyst, has added his voice to the many calls for President Akufo-Addo to reduce the size of the government.

He believes that reducing the size of appointees will help to alleviate the current economic situation.

The analyst stated on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM that the government must demonstrate some level of commitment as it embarks on measures to address the economic challenges.

He stated that the government cannot ignore Ghanaians’ calls to reduce the size of the government and expect them to sacrifice.

According to him, the move would demonstrate to citizens the government’s concern for the situation at hand.

He contended that “The call for the government to reduce in size is legitimate. You want Ghanaians to support you as you take steps to restore economic confidence. However, you have refused to listen to the people’s suggestions to reduce the size of the government. They will not support you if they believe you are unwilling to take domestic measures to address the issues. Some of these measures must include reducing excessive government spending and shrinking the size of the government. Some ministries can be merged to save money “He continued.

The economic hardship requires the government to demonstrate to the people that it is concerned about the situation and is willing to take action.

“Ghana is in a state of emergency. It’s time for the government to demonstrate that it is actually listening, he said.





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