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‘You don’t know the law but you’re quoting law’: Sammy Gyamfi clashes with NPP’s Akosua Manu

National communications officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, engaged in heated exchanges with Akosua Manu, the National Youth Authority’s (NYA) Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), criticizing her for not knowing much about the law but often citing it when making a point.

In a discussion on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, on March 2, 2023, in relation to the proposed Constitutional Instrument (C.I) by the Electoral Commission, as currently before parliament, Sammy Gyamfi accused the latter of citing non-existent laws to support her position.

The proposed C.I., which would require the EC to use Ghana Card alone to register citizens for the new voter ID cards, has received harsh criticism from some members of the NDC, who assert that it is part of a grand plan by the EC to rig the 2024 general elections.

Akosua Manu referenced the existing voter registration law C.I. 72 of 2012, which she said also allowed for the use of Ghana Card as proof of registration along with passport and guarantor system.

Akosua lamented the NDC’s attacks on the EC chair Jean Mensa stressing: “You called her a liar, you called her all sorts of names, I mean you can dislike somebody but you can still take into context what they’re saying and applied it to whatever the conversation is.

“But she’s saying that we’re not going to use any other document but the Ghana card as stated by law and is not our feelings and sentiments that will change it. If you have a reservation in 2012, I believe that the L.I. passed in 2012…I believe you could have articulated it,” she said.

However, Sammy Gyamfi was not convinced by her pronouncement of his co-panelist and questioned her about where she got the information from.

Below is the conversation between the two on the show;

Sammy Gyamfi: But the question I asked you which you dodged; I am coming back to that question. You sat here and said that in 2012…

Akosua Manu: Over two million Ghanaians don’t have Ghana Cards and passports, which means that at least 2 million people who are eligible to vote don’t have passports…I think that’s fair.

Sammy: Doc (referring to host Randy Abbey), I think you should control Akosua …you know under normal circumstances I will not allow this. You know.

Akosua: Sammy we’re getting along, we’re having a good day.

Sammy: No, you want to spoil the day and I don’t want to spoil yours…

Akosua: I’m, sorry, I’m sorry, commander I’m sorry, he’s the communication director of the NDC …

Sammy: I don’t want to spoil yours. Hold on

Akosua: I’m sorry I don’t want to spoil your day, but…

Sammy: You sat here and said that in 2012, under John Mahama we passed a law, that made it mandatory for us to use Ghana Card for registration and I am asking you, viewers are watching you; cameras are on you. Which law is that?

Sammy continued just as Akosua sought to respond: “You didn’t know the law

Akosua: Please the … I did not quote law as you do…I have it here, let me read

Sammy: So, what is the law? call Richard Ahiagbah or your Attorney General to send you the law. You don’t even know the law and you’re here saying what…. The law is what I read to you.





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