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You’ve gone wrong, repent – Prophet Oduro charges Akufo-Addo

Prophet Oduro, founder, and leader of the Alabaster International Ministries have beckoned President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to repent.

In a sermon delivered in his church shortly after the State of the Nation Nation Address on March 7, 2023, Prophet Badu Kobi explained that the entire country is on the wrong side of God due to the sinful ways of the citizenry.

He explained that the process of repentance and purification must begin with President Akufo-Addo who he claims has veered off the path of God.

According to him, the president and leadership of the country must set an example for the rest of the country to follow.

“Ghana repent. I want to begin from His Excellency,……Ghana have sinned and since you are our leader, repent first and we will all repent and follow you. Repent your excellency, repent. As a leader, you have gone wrong. Repent”.

Additionally, Prophet Oduro beseeched the patriarchs and religious leaders of the country to also repent because “there is blood on our hands”.

Prophet Oduro has been vocal on issues of national interest, calling out the government for not delivering on its promise to Ghanaians.

Prophet Oduro also hit out at the government over its treatment of pensioner bondholders and urged the government to desist from such acts.

“I stand here with a heavy heart to respectfully say this to you, Sir, the Lord is telling me, pride takes everybody down. And if you continue to be proud, you will go down without remedy. Your government will be the worst in the history of this country”, he stressed.

The preacher continued, “Your excellency if you continue in the arrogance of speech and the pride of your life, you will never see the solution and you will never see the remedy.

I stand here as a man of God and as a prophet of God, not needing anything from you except your repentance and your humility. If not, Ghana is going into destruction”.

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