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Amend the presidential power to appoint IGP – Security policy expert to bi-partisan committee

A security policy expert, Anthony Acquaye, has called on the bi-partisan committee formed to investigate the leaked tape on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare, to demand an amendment in the power granted to the president to appoint the head of the police service, IGP.

In a statement dated July 14, 2023, the expert emphasizes the need for a comprehensive and effective inquiry into the matter, along with strong policy recommendations for the reform regarding how the IGP is appointed.

The call by the expert is on the back of a 7-member bi-partisan committee established by Parliament to conduct a thorough investigation into the leaked tape allegedly involving a plot to have the IGP removed from office.

According to him, the bi-partisan committee is in the right order. However, parliamentary regulations may prolong the work of the committee.

“Constituting seven (7) member special bipartisan committee to investigate into the alleged IGP leaked tape makes both sides of the political domain represented. However, generally, the committee delays or prolong its work, due to the boundaries of internal regulations of parliament. This cripples the extent the committee can go for more revelations into the issue of strict and strong policy recommendations for reforms as compared to the Independent Commission, which explores the external regulations for an immediate, adequate, and compact result. Nevertheless, for the speaker of parliament to concede and direct the establishment of the bipartisan committee beyond the defence and Interior Committee is highly recommended.

“Again, whoever chairs the committee must not be too hard in his or her leadership style which can lead to authority defence and also too soft, to result in one person dominating the process, the timeline for the committee to submit its report to parliament should not be temper, in any form to avoid prolonged decision on the matter,” parts of the statement read.

In order to establish the authenticity of the leaked tape, the expert, Anthony Acquaye, advised that the committee must collaborate with forensic intelligence departments from both the Armed Forces and Police Service.

According to him, this cooperative approach will enhance the credibility of the investigation and strengthen the committee’s findings.

He added that as part of the committee’s recommendations, it must suggest amendment of the power of the president to appoint the IGP must be amended with the adoption of a new mechanism for doing the appointment.

“Furthermore, the committee in its quest to establish the authenticity of the tape can collaborate with other forensic intelligence departments from the Armed Forces or Police Service. More so, the committee must also open its doors for more intelligence gathering to help them in their decision-making for strong report outcomes.

“Inasmuch as the terms of references set are purposeful and achievable, it is also necessary to plead to the committee to indicate in its recommendations, that the power by the president to appoint the Inspector General of Police (IGP) be amended with the adoption of the new mechanism in appointing IGP. This is because, for so many years the perceptions by the public, that before an officer who has gone through the ranks to Commissioner of Police will be appointed as IGP, he or she must be affiliated to a political party has been confirmed by the leaked audio, if its authenticity is proving to be true,” the statement added.





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