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Tackle energy crisis now with emergency action plan – World Bank warns Ghana

At a press conference held in Accra, Anna Bjerde, the Managing Director of Operations at the World Bank, called on the government of Ghana to implement an emergency action plan to address the country’s energy crisis.

Bjerde emphasised that the World Bank is committed to providing technical advice to ensure that Ghana’s energy sector contributes to economic resilience.

During the conference, Bjerde highlighted that while Ghana is not alone in facing energy challenges, the situation demands immediate action.

Failing to address these issues promptly will only worsen the crisis and impose greater financial burdens on the state, diverting resources from other essential areas, she warned.

To effectively mitigate the energy crisis, Bjerde stressed the importance of an emergency action plan.

The World Bank is providing technical advice on crucial aspects such as metering, billing, and collection.

Additionally, Bjerde said Ghana must make efforts to establish a robust accounting system that ensures the proper allocation of revenue to those responsible for electricity generation.

She said by implementing these measures, Ghana can work towards resolving its energy crisis and prevent further escalation.

“The problems that Ghana is experiencing are not unique to Ghana, but they are very serious because if they are not addressed, they will get worse and worse,” she indicated.

“If not arrested and addressed with really an emergency action plan, it will get worse and it will cost the state more to keep the energy sector running at a time when they need to spend money on other things,” Bjerde warned.

She noted that the Bretton Woods institution is “providing, first of all, technical advice on what needs to be done, so the metering, the billing, the collection and making sure that you have an account set up, from which all the different flows of the revenues collected flow to where it needs to go so that those who are generating the electricity are paid.”





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