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Jomoro MP supports Mpeasem Roman Catholic school with 200 roofing slates, 50 bags of cement

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Jomoro Constituency in the Western Region, Dorcas Afo-Toffey, has supported the Mpeasem Roman Catholic primary school with 200 roofing slates and 50 bags of cement.

The building materials are expected to be used to renovate the primary school building that was destroyed by a heavy storm in 2019.

Since the incident, teachers and pupils of Mpeasem Roman Catholic primary school have been studying under trees and bamboo shed and anytime it rains, the teachers and the pupils have to close from teaching and learning and go home.

The headmaster of the school, Joseph Eduah Erzoah who addressed the gathering, disclosed that when the incident occurred, the school authority and the chiefs informed the then Jomoro MCE about it and never received any assistance from the Jomoro Municipal Assembly.

He also disclosed that in 2022, he informed Dorcas Afo-Toffey who became MP for the area on 7th January 2021 about the situation and received positive assurance from her.

“I was posted to this school as the headmaster in February 2022 and I came to meet the deplorable school building here and since then our pupils have been studying under a bamboo shed which it is not good for academic development”, he said.

“I was informed that the school authority wrote letters to the then Jomoro MCE, Ernest Kofie for help and nothing good came out of the letters. I was told again that the chiefs and elders of the Mpeasem community informed the Assembly and since then we have not received any support from them”, he added.

He revealed, “Later in 2022, I personally called the MP, Dorcas Afo-Toffey and appealed to her to help the school and in fact, she told us that we should wait for her to deal with her court case and lo and behold when she won the court case, she called me and said she would help us and I told her that we would need 200 roofing sheets and 50 bags of cement.”

He, therefore, commended the MP for fulfilling her commitment and prayed to God to bless her abundantly.

“In fact, today I’m very very excited, Hon. Dorcas Afo-Toffey has honoured her pledge, today she has brought the 200 roofing sheets and the 50 bags of cement, I will say the MP has done well and I will pray to God to bless her abundantly and I will urge her to continue to support us and also help other schools”, he stated.

The Assembly Member for Mpeasem-Enzimitianu Electoral Area, John Ato Hayford, commended the MP for the kind gesture.

He emphasized that they would write the MP’s in front of the building as a recognition.

“When we finish the renovation, we will write Renovated by Dorcas Afo-Toffey in front of the school building because when the incident happened and we informed the Jomoro Municipal Assembly and they never attended to our aid so if the MP, Dorcas Afo-Toffey supplied us with 200 roofing slates and 50 bags of cement then when we finish the renovation works, we will definitely write her name in front of the school as a recognition”, he said.

He called on the good people of Mpeasem to rally behind the MP to be re-elected in 2024.

On her part, Dorcas Afo-Toffey, the Jomoro MP, said education was one of her priorities and she would continue to do her possible best to support education in Jomoro to benefit all.

She advised the schoolchildren to take their studies seriously to become important people in the future.

She seized the opportunity to appeal to the residents in the area to pray for her and support her and John Mahama to win the 2024 general elections.

“I will appeal to you to rally behind me in prayers and also rally behind me and Mr. John Mahama to win the 2024 elections and I promise you if NDC comes to power in 2025, we will do more than this so support me,” she called.

Moreover, the schoolchildren expressed their excitement over the sigh of relief and pledged to study harder.


Source: / Daniel Kaku, Contributor



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