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LGBTQ+ issues are not animal left let alone human rights – Alban Bagbin

Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has emphasized that the anti_LGBTQ+ Bill before parliament is the right thing to do in efforts to preserve humanity and traditional Ghanaian customs.

Bagbin during an engagement in Parliament with some members of civil society stressed that the West is trying to lead Ghanaians and Africans down a lane that they are headed – extinction, but that we will not follow them.

“It is very clear that in 50 years’ time, there would be no Europe. It is perished. It is only non-Europeans that will be in Europe. America, 100 years.

“And so, they know that they are going and they want us to follow, we will not do that, we won’t follow them,” he stated.

“That is even the easier part, talk of gayism and lesbianism, that is easy,” he stressed that for him the “queer” people in the LGBTQ spectrum were the most worrying because according to him, it contained people who opted for weird classifications and sex preferences.

He claimed that queers among others are people who could one day say they want to be cats because they feel so, or that they want to be married to dogs.

“You say this is a human right? Even this is not animal left, how could it be a human right? I am very clear in my mind, what we are doing is right, its is fair, it is just meant to preserve a world everlasting,” he stressed.

He said calls to tarry their bid to pass the Bill were welcomed but also that parliament did a comprehensive job by way of nationwide engagement. “This is a gamechanger and that is the consensus,” he stressed.






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