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State your position on LGBTQ+ – Akyem Asikesu chief to Akufo-Addo

The Chief of Akyem Asikesu in the Eastern region, Barima Agyei Konadu Yiadom II, has urged the President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo, to be brave and clarify his view on LGBTQ-related matters to all Ghanaians.

Addressing the chiefs and people of Akyem Asikesu at the Ohum festival, Barima Agyei Konadu Yiadom II praised Ghana’s parliament for its recent unanimous decision by both sides of the House during the bill’s second hearing and reading.

The traditional ruler stated that the president should address the country, as he did with the COVID-19 updates, and state whether he supports or opposes such acts.

According to him, the decision by parliament to allow the bill to pass unanimously is a demonstration of the safeguarding of our culture and traditions, as well as a clear road to creating a future of dignity for the unborn generation.

He stated that the country’s chiefs and traditional authorities despise homosexuality and lesbianism and that they are willing to safeguard the people even if politicians fail to do the right thing.

He has pledged to hold a protest against the president if the law is passed by parliament.

“I am using this medium to inform our MPs, ministers, and government appointees that we will not tolerate LGBTQI+ activities.” The plus sign next to these terms indicates that it is acceptable to sleep with animals. These activities will not be tolerated by traditional leaders. If they do not pass the bill and stop these activities, I shall lead a one-man protest against our politicians.

The Ghanaian Parliament also performed admirably in their recent unanimous support for the bill when it was presented before the House for the second reading and debate. But we want to make it clear that homosexuality and lesbianism will not be tolerated in Ghana. “It goes against our cultural values,” he stated emphatically.





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