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My constituents are wishing me dead so that they get developmental projects – MP cries out

George Kwabena Takyi, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Manso-Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region, has expressed his dismay over the desire of some of his constituents who wish for his death in order to bring about development in the area.

During an interview on Akoma FM, the MP responded to questions from his constituents regarding the lack of development in the area.

He expressed his unhappiness with the fact that some people want him to die in order to trigger a by-election, believing that it would lead to significant development in the constituency.

In recent times, there have been instances where people have openly prayed for the death of their MPs, hoping that it would result in accelerated development in their respective areas.

They point to constituencies where by-elections have taken place, claiming that the ruling party initiates infrastructure projects to secure votes for their candidates.

Some constituents from Manso-Nkwanta called into the show and echoed similar sentiments, praying for their MP’s demise to pave the way for much-needed developmental projects.

They argued that unfortunate events like the passing of MPs allegedly open the door for progress in their communities.

Referring to recent by-elections in Kumawu and Assin North as examples, they questioned why such projects were not undertaken while the MPs were alive, rather than exploiting their deaths as catalysts for progress.

In response to their statements, MP George Takyi expressed his discontent and assured them that he is committed to improving the infrastructural facilities in his constituency.

He mentioned that road contracts have been awarded for areas like Pakyi No. 1 and No. 2, with work set to resume soon. He further assured that areas such as Manso-Nkwanta and Antoakrom will also receive attention.

The MP emphasized that it is not fair for constituents to wish for someone’s death to facilitate development. He stressed that the government is actively working to address the issues, including fixing the bad roads and improving other facilities.

The MP thus called for understanding and urged his constituents to support his efforts in bringing about meaningful development to the area, without resorting to such extreme and unfortunate wishes.





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