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No amount of legal action will dissuade us from passing anti-LGBTQI+ Bill – MP

Mahama Ayariga, a member of Parliament’s Constitutional, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, said any legal action against the anti-LGBTQI+ bill will not dissuade the legislative body.

He was reacting to a contempt of court complaint filed against the Speaker of Parliament for allowing the Promotion of Proper Sexual Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill to be brought before the house for a second time and debated despite a pending matter before the Supreme Court.

Dr. Amanda Odoi has cited the Speaker for contempt and requested that the Supreme Court impose sanctions on the Speaker.

According to her, the Speaker’s actions violate the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and warrant sanctions for contempt, in the public interest and to uphold the dignity of the Court.

In a case currently before the court, she stated that the Speaker’s actions in allowing Parliament to proceed with the bill’s Second Reading despite the pending lawsuit and related interlocutory injunction application demonstrate a disregard for the Court’s authority and undermines public trust in the judicial system.

However, the Ghanaian politician said that he hasn’t given much attention to it since he believes it will fail in the Supreme Court. He believes the lawsuit’s content is flawed.

“I haven’t paid attention to it because I took the view that it is not going to see the light of day in the Supreme Court.”





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